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Gear the Globe Initiative

Amazing things happen when a great idea is paired with grit and determination! Way to go, Sam Cardella and Gear The Globe. Can't wait to welcome you to our PALA HQ come November.

Gear the Golbe is an initiative launched by 9th grader Sam Cardella to help provide lacrosse equipment to players around the world. Find out how to support.


Find out more about the initiative at: laxallstarts.com


Peru Lacrosse Association Announces Coaching Staff for FIL 2018 World Lacrosse Championship.

Head shot .jpg
Head Coach - Raymond Ryan

Mr. Ryan is the head coach at All Saints Academy in Winter Haven, Florida. Born and raised in Syracuse, New York, Mr. Ryan played for Corcoran High School. He received a scholarship to play at C.W. Post. He later transferred to State University of New York Geneseo College where he was a 3-year starting midfielder and led the midfield in points/goals in his senior year. During his college playing career, he was a 2 times all SUNYAC and a USILA All Star. He led the north in goals/points in the USILA North/South Senior All Star Game and finished his collegiate career with 90 points. Mr. Ryan is actively involved in the coaching community in Central Florida. He was the Assistant Coach at Florida Southern College right after moving to Florida and continues to stay actively involved with the program. He is the Co-Director of Apprentice Athletics & Central Florida Lacrosse Academy. He is also a Coach for the Florida Alliance. Mr. Ryan was recognized with the FACA Polk County 2017 Coach of the Year award and the 2017 Polk County Sports Award.

“We chose Coach Ryan for his ability to build a strong lacrosse program. What he did at All Saints Academy was impressive. And that is what we want to do with our players in Peru. We believe Coach Ryan can take our team and motivate them to be competitive in Israel.”  PLA Board

Assistant Coach - Brian "Lab" Philips

Mr. Phillips brings a wealth of experience to round up the coaching staff for Peru Lacrosse Association’s debut at the World Championships. Mr. Phillips was an Iroquois Nation national player (1983-1984) and Onondaga Warrior player (1990-2001). He has been coaching the Onondaga nation Men’s team since 2005. Mr. Phillips coached the Iroquois National PeeWee in 2003 and the Onondaga Minors from 1999-2008. He coached the Turkey national team in the 2015 FIL World Indoor Lacrosse Championships. Mr. Phillips served in the United States Marine Corps from 1985 to 1989.

“We brought Coach Phillips on board for his depth of experience not only in coaching but in his exposure to competition on the international stage. We believe his unique perspective in the game will be valuable to our players and to our program.” PLA Board

Announcement of the National Team Roster

Peru Lacrosse Association is proud to announce our Official Inaugural National Team roster who will make their debut at the 2018 FIL World Lacrosse Championship in Netanya, Israel. We look forward to meeting the fantastic people of the lacrosse community and playing some great lacrosse in beautiful Israel.


Antony Fabian Mendoza Munoz                 

Wilber Ala Ccamaque

Oscar Raphael Sanca Quispe

Bryan Joel Lopez Labra

Roy Miguel Rojas Quea

Alvaro Guerreros Carrion

Spencer Thomas Kitchen Rojo

Hector Carlos Nicolas Reichard Valdivieso

James Burleson-Porras

Thomas Vincent Schober JR

Steven Diaz

Chris Davila

Isaiah Arteaga

Benjamin Enzo Acosta

Juan Carlos Morrobel

Jose Gomez

Juan Pablo Arapa Zegarra

Jesus Alfredo Silva Catari

Bradiny Acosta Pereira

Luis Fernando Sullca Lopez

Gabriel Antonio Vargas

Javier Suarez Soto

Abel Cjuro Ccallo

 Defence (Captain)






 Midfield, F/O


 Midfield, F/O (Captain)



 Midfield,F/O (Captain)



 Defence (Captain)