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Ways to Donate To The Women's Team

Follow this link to contribute!
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WE NEED YOUR HELP to reach the NATIONAL stage! Uniforms, equipment, and travel are large costs to cover to get us there. ANY amount helps.

Your donation will help bring DIVERSITY and Olympic consideration to the game we love so much.

**If you are interested in sponsoring the team please reach out at

Women's: Headliner

Peru Women's Coaches

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Coach Nicholle Depaz

Head Coach

Coach Britt Faulkner

Assistant Coach

Coach Lauren Saffoori

Goalie Coach

Coach Tee

Human Performance Specialist

Women's: Coaches
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History of Peru Women's Lacrosse

We are proud of the Peruvian Men's National Lacrosse Team for being 1 of 30 teams to qualify for the World Lacrosse Championship in 2023 as the only country to represent South America. We are proud to follow in their footsteps and represent for Peru on the Women's World stage. This team is curated of strong women who have worked hard to get the opportunity to compete at a high level while representing heritage that we are so proud of.

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Our Vision

Bring Peru's first Women's program to the world stage, and by doing so, contribute to making the sport eligible for the Olympic Game consideration #LAX2028

Women's: About
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Our Mission

1. To bring attention to the sport in South America communities in the United States through clinics and promotional events, while growing a base of talented eligible players.
2. Raise awareness of the sport in Peru through equipment donations to our partners and growing developmental teams in Peru.

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*Passport Eligibility Required*

Per World Lacrosse rules players must have:

-A parent of Peruvian Nationality

-Resident of 2 years

-Marriage to Peruvian National

Non-passport holders Eligibility:

(These spots are limited to 2 spots on the team)

-Meets above criteria but unable to secure a passport

-One grandparent of Peruvian Nationality

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Interested in playing for the Peru Women's National Team?

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